Data Management

Next Technologies provides a secure and professional data management services, some of them are listed below.

Audit SQL Servers and Databases
Next Technologies will perform a detailed case study and analysis of the client’s SQL Servers and databases to produce a detail audit report.  This will help our clients to identify all attacks,  proactively take decisions against the unlawful and malicious activities and protect mission critical systems.

Next Technologies has designed frame work, successfully deployed at the various clients, providing our clients a best auditing strategy.

Data Analysis
Next Technologies provide expert approach in analysing clients data with a unique and powerful service developed over many years of analysing multi dimensional data. Next Technologies using 10s to 100s of combinations and rules based on the clients business model, identify and reports the integrity and anomalies.

Data Cleansing
Next Technologies is specialised in Data cleansing process during the data migration or up gradation projects. During discovery phase we apply tested and proved policies and techniques to identify the missing or incomplete or improperly formatted or duplicate data in a dataset. We take complete responsibility where ever possible to cleanse the dataset at the source before data migration happens.

Data Migration
Next Technologies have experience migrating and upgrading very large databases, we handle the project in multiple phases including discovery and analysis phase. We identify the hidden risks, data type issues between source and destination databases, deduplicate data before migration. We have proved and tested policies so the data will be migrated in an orderly manner. Provide a quick and cost effective solution maintaining the data quality for all the stake holders, ensures that the data is not damaged while transformation.
Audit and document the entire data migration process is our top most priority to provide customer satisfaction during whole project
We support after migration, legacy system retirement and archiving the operational data for reporting purposes if required.

Performance Tuning
The performance of  database directly impacts the performance of all the applications and improve user experience.  Our Performance Tuning service highlights any such issues in the full technology stack, ensuring the most effective use of infrastructure resources which is key to ensuring Cloud costs don’t spiral out of control.

  • Performance source diagnosis
  • Database configuration vs best practice
  • Query and index structure
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Scaling (vertical/horizontal)
  • Business objectives

Data Integration
Data integration process is combining data from several different sources, which are stored in different formats using various technologies and provide a unified view of the data. Data integration becomes increasingly important in cases of importing data from different locations to a centralised system.
Next Technologies works to implement well known integration techniques in building an enterprise data warehouse, which enables businesses to perform analyses based on the data in the data warehouse.

Archive Data To PDF / Excel
Next Technologies have experience migrating / archiving the data from the legacy systems on to the Excel templates and PDF format.
This is the secured way to archive the data for ease accessible without the front end applications. We can help to index these exported PDF / Excel files with any eDMS systems. This will save the licence and maintenance cost with high data availability.